No Recovery – No Fee

Let us represent you if you are involved in any of the following consumer disputes.

Auto Dealer Fraud

We protect you from auto dealers who are trying to scam you! Dealers are not protected by “AS IS” contracts when they lie to you about a car’s history and condition.

Over half the U.S. cars on the road have had a collision accident. Prior frame and flood damage to a used car are conditions a car dealer has to disclose to you! Even Certified Pre-Owned cars are sold with undisclosed issues due to inconsistent multi-point inspection practices promised as guaranteed by dealers and manufacturers.

Illegal Background Checks for Employment

Denied employment due to an inaccurate Background Check? We can help!

Before employers can obtain and use your background information, they must:

  • Gain your written consent for the check;
  • Provide a copy of the report and summary of your rights five (5) days before a decision not to hire or fire you.

Credit Report Disputes

Was your personal or financial information improperly handled and/or stolen, resulting in identity theft?

You’re not alone! According to the FBI, it  happens to over 15 million American every year.

It can be scary, and emotionally difficult, but it does happen. Luckily there are legal steps you can take to recover from identity theft.

The sooner you start, the sooner we can clear your good name.

Mortgage Abuse & Wrongful Foreclosure

Was your home mortgage loan handled incorrectly? Are you being fleeced by a predatory lender?

Your home is your castle, don’t let it be besieged by deceitful or fraudulent mortgage companies.   Let us be your knight in shining armor and fight for your rights.

Get the help you need NOW to fight against mortgage abuse.

Contact us for a Free Consultation.

Stop Debt Collectors

Being harassed by Creditors? Bad debt making your life miserable? Let a Consumer Protection Attorney help protect you! You don’t have to put up with phone harassment by collection agencies anymore. How? Let our law firm put an end to your collections nightmares.

Illegal Student Loan Collection

Have you defaulted on a student loan? Before a Debt Collector can collect a defaulted student loan, you can request, and they must offer you help in paying the debt! You have legal rights.

Consumer Law – Works for YOU

Robert P. Cocco – In the News

People’s Law: Auto Repossession & Auto Fraud #0101 LaSalleTV Philly Published on Sep 13, 2018


The world is full of predatory lenders, rogue collection agencies and other fraudsters. We help the Davids of the world, fight against Goliaths.

Awards and Recognition.“Consumer Protection Law is our specialty. It’s our passion and our expertise. When you are tired of being taken advantage of, or if you are sick of the harassment – call us!”

— Robert P. Cocco, P.C.



  • Why do I need a specialist in Consumer Law?

    Tired of feeling powerless and stressed out? Not sure how to get relief and proper compensation? What you need is a strong Consumer Protection Attorney, like myself, Robert P. Cocco. Let me take on the bad guys and bring peace to your life once and for all.

  • Can I afford a Consumer Protection Attorney??

    Almost all of my cases are handled on a contingency fee basis. That means I pay for the cost of litigation, and then collect my fee and costs if and when I make a recovery for you. If there is no recovery, you owe me nothing for my time or costs. I can do that because the laws under which I sue allow the consumer’s lawyer to collect fees and costs from companies who break consumer laws.

    I reserve the right to offer an alternative arrangement in certain limited circumstances where consumer laws do not provide for my contingency fee such as foreclosure defense matters.

  • Wondering how to get started?

    You’ve waited long enough! Now is the time to fight back. The first step is an easy one, simply fill out one of our contact forms or callus to set-up a free no-obligation legal consultation. Really. It’s that easy. So get the help you deserve and let us be your champion.

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What Our Clients Say

Default Student Loand Lawyer.Lora L.

Wrongfully sued in a student loan debt collection matter...

"When I first called Bob, I was in a state of panic after learning I was being wrongfully sued in a student loan debt collection matter and I didn’t know what my next step should be. The odds seemed completely against me. During my free consultation he explained my options, proved himself an insightful, effective, and strategic attorney, especially on matters requiring local expertise and understanding of the dynamics of consumer law. His responsiveness and honest assessment of our chances of success and our strategic options was invaluable to me. I’m pleased to say the outcome was better than expected and I owe that to Bob and his relentless and professional dedication to my case."
Stop Credit Collector Harassment.Melissa V.

Debt collectors harassed me multiple times a day at all hours...

"Mr. Cocco did an amazing job with my case, I had debt collectors harassing me multiple times a day at all hours. Not only did he make sure that all of this stopped, he was amazing at keeping me updated with any news on the case. I highly recommend Robert to anyone having trouble with harassment from collectors."
Stop Credit Collector Harassment.Victoria W.

A very knowledgeable lawyer that fights for his clients rights...

"Robert Cocco handled a FDCPA case for me in 2014. I found Robert through an online search. When I called him, he set up a meeting to go over my case. I went to his office, explained my issue to him and he let me know my rights as a consumer. He asked me to provide him with certain information and I did. He handled everything from there. Robert kept me informed with any updates related to my case and answered any questions that I might have had. He gave me suggestions and left the decisions up to me. He is a very knowledgeable lawyer that fights for his clients rights. I really appreciated the quick favorable settlement of my case that Robert provided. I would recommend Robert to anyone who is looking for a lawyer to handle their consumer law case. Thanks Robert for your help!"
Auto Dealer Fraud.Mike K.

Bob expertly handled my auto fraud case...

"Bob expertly handled my auto fraud case in a lot less time then I could ever have imagined. The outcome of the case was simply unbelievable also. I was able to keep the car, I got all my money back and my credit score remained intact. Bob is the only consumer lawyer I will ever use. I highly recommended you use him too."


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