URGENT: CURBIO INC. – Potential Legal Action

Based on the Washington DC Attorney General’s action against Curbio, our firm is investigating whether Curbio may be acting as an unlicensed mortgage lender in many states. Has Curbio taken a mortgage against your property to make you pay for overpriced, incomplete, and/or poor-quality home improvements in order to sell your home? Act now!

Did your Realtor refer you to Curbio?

Our firm is actively exploring legal action regarding Curbio’s business model of “fix your home, pay later” which advertises its general contracting services to real estate agents and even national real estate agencies and compensates them for bringing homeowners to Curbio to sign up for Curbio estimates or a Curbio home improvement contract.

Has Curbio put you in foreclosure or sued you to collect money for home improvements?

According to the Washington DC Attorney General’s action against Curbio, some homeowners face the nightmare of losing their home’s equity in a foreclosure or collection action to pay forCurbio’s home improvements, even when the work is incomplete. Curbio can use the leverage of its mortgage on your property to secure payment for the home improvements however overpriced, incomplete, and/or defective. According to the Washington DC Attorney General’s action against Curbio, Curbio’s contract may also have charged you unreasonably high fees that are not reasonably described or hidden from you. Don’t suffer in silence! If you or someone you know is grappling with Curbio’s aforesaid business practices, take action immediately by contacting our office.

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