Stop Credit Collector Harassment.

Stop Debt Collection Abuse

You Can Sue Debt Collectors!

A debt collector who abuses you for the collection of a consumer debt can be sued under a law called the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act (FDCPA). Debt collectors cannot:

  • Threaten you with lawsuits, wage garnishment, liens, or arrest
  • Call your neighbors, friends, or employer about your debts or ask them to give you messages
  • Yell, swear at, insult, or otherwise disrespect you on the phone
  • Call you at your work after telling them to stop

Credit Card Lawsuit Defense

Nearly all consumers that are sued for credit card debts do not appear in court and lose by default. But if you have an experienced consumer rights attorney in your side you will prevail more times than not! Common weaknesses in the debt collector’s case are:

  • Creditor doesn’t have a contract that you signed
  • Creditor can’t prove they actually own the debt
  • Creditor doesn’t have proof of your purchases

Federally Guaranteed Student Loans

Before a Debt Collector can collect a defaulted federally guaranteed student loan, you can request and they must offer you help in paying the debt! You Can Sue the Debt Collector that refuses you:

  • A “reasonable and affordable” payment over12 consecutive based on your documented ability to pay, not an amount the collector tells you to pay
  • A written agreement confirming the payment terms and advising you of your rights
  • Federally required notice (minimum of 30 days) prior to any garnishment of your wages proceedings, stating the intent to garnish, amount of the debt, percentage to be collected from wages, and your rights under the law
  • Opportunity to inspect and copy records relating to your debt

Defend Your Rights!

We defend you for very little, and perhaps FREE, and our success rate is excellent.

If you are having problems with debt collectors, watch this FREE 5 part video series to learn about your rights! Hear about your rights under the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act and state laws. Find out what you should do if you are being illegally harassed.


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    Stop Credit Collector Harassment.Melissa V.

    Debt collectors harassed me multiple times a day at all hours...

    "Mr. Cocco did an amazing job with my case, I had debt collectors harassing me multiple times a day at all hours. Not only did he make sure that all of this stopped, he was amazing at keeping me updated with any news on the case. I highly recommend Robert to anyone having trouble with harassment from collectors."
    Stop Credit Collector Harassment.Victoria W.

    A very knowledgeable lawyer that fights for his clients rights...

    "Robert Cocco handled a FDCPA case for me in 2014. I found Robert through an online search. When I called him, he set up a meeting to go over my case. I went to his office, explained my issue to him and he let me know my rights as a consumer. He asked me to provide him with certain information and I did. He handled everything from there. Robert kept me informed with any updates related to my case and answered any questions that I might have had. He gave me suggestions and left the decisions up to me. He is a very knowledgeable lawyer that fights for his clients rights. I really appreciated the quick favorable settlement of my case that Robert provided. I would recommend Robert to anyone who is looking for a lawyer to handle their consumer law case. Thanks Robert for your help!"