Robert Cocco handled a FDCPA case for me in 2014. I found Robert through an online search. When I called him, he set up a meeting to go over my case. I went to his office, explained my issue to him and he let me know my rights as a consumer. He asked me to provide him with certain information and I did. He handled everything from there. Robert kept me informed with any updates related to my case and answered any questions that I might have had. He gave me suggestions and left the decisions up to me. He is a very knowledgeable lawyer that fights for his clients rights. I really appreciated the quick favorable settlement of my case that Robert provided. I would recommend Robert to anyone who is looking for a lawyer to handle their consumer law case. Thanks Robert for your help!

Victoria W.

Robert Cocco is the real deal. In a world where it seems like good customer service and building relationships with your customers has gone out the window, Robert is a breath of fresh air. You feel like he really cares and wants to help you. He is very diligent, does a great job explaining complex legal scenarios, and responds in a timely manner. I highly recommend him to anyone.

Steven R.

Bob expertly handled my auto fraud case in a lot less time then I could ever have imagined. The outcome of the case was simply unbelievable also. I was able to keep the car, I got all my money back and my credit score remained intact. Bob is the only consumer lawyer I will ever use. I highly recommended you use him too.

Mike K.

Robert Cocco is a great attorney! He worked diligently to make sure that a debt collecting agency that was reporting false information about me to credit reporting agencies remove that information. In addition, he fought hard to make sure that the agencies provided appropriate compensation for the damage caused to my credit.

Shanae M.

When I first called Bob, I was in a state of panic after learning I was being wrongfully sued in a student loan debt collection matter and I didn’t know what my next step should be. The odds seemed completely against me. During my free consultation he explained my options, proved himself an insightful, effective, and strategic attorney, especially on matters requiring local expertise and understanding of the dynamics of consumer law. His responsiveness and honest assessment of our chances of success and our strategic options was invaluable to me. I’m pleased to say the outcome was better than expected and I owe that to Bob and his relentless and professional dedication to my case.

Lora L.

I was very happy with Robert Cocco’s legal services. I was being taken advantage of by a large bank in a loan that was not legal and that I could not get out of. It was a very difficult thing to handle. I was getting nowhere until Robert Cocco’s legal services brought them to their knees and fixed my extremely stressful situation.

Chris F.

Mr. Cocco did an amazing job with my case, I had debt collectors harassing me multiple times a day at all hours. Not only did he make sure that all of this stopped, he was amazing at keeping me updated with any news on the case. I highly recommend Robert to anyone having trouble with harassment from collectors.

Melissa V.

I must say Mr. Robert Coco cares an awful lot about what he does an attorney that you could trust that has integrity honor and extraordinary service to the community and will get you results. So it is my pleasure to say to you Mr. Robert, keep up the great work and I pray that success will continue to follow you.

Luna H.

Bob did an amazing job on my case. He is very professional and really fight for his client. He honors his word and was in constant communication with me. I never felt out of the loop. The best benefit working with Bob was NO Charge until recovery. If you are reading this review then, call Bob you won’t regret it.

Abdullah R.

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